Shark Castle Update – February 2019

Things are coming together with Shark Castle – an adventure game about a shark on a quest to save his castle from falling into disrepair. It features atmospheric 3d graphics and casual 2D side scrolling gameplay. The player encounters toxic pipes in need of cleaning, minions to avoid and/or fight, and neighbours that help in exchange for completing quests.

Some things I’ve been working on:

-working with Geoff Moore on the music

-combat modifications

-background art: started using projected backgrounds as textures on planes, which allows unique and complex backgrounds without using too many resources

-custom shaders using the Amplify Shader Editor, including custom functions that are shared between shaders (modularity applied to shader writing, which is neat)

-additional levels: most gameplay and art integrated for the first third of the game

-playtesting for bugs and general impressions

At this point, the core gameplay is in place and the structure for the most of the game has been planned out, but may still be modified. I’m looking forward to sharing more as I get closer to completing the first third of the game!