Shark Castle Trailer

Watch the trailer for Shark Castle here:

Shark Castle Trailer

The trailer shows a glimpse of the gameplay and story from the first few levels, as well as some hints of things to come.

As was the case last month, the first act of the game is mostly complete. I have been adjusting the first few levels to emphasize Finlay’s connection to his pet goldfish, which can also be seen in the trailer.

Recent Updates

  • Story and gameplay updates to first few levels
  • Level design, gameplay, and background art for various scenes
  • Extra animations for Finlay and his pets, and Damian and his minions
  • Trailer editing
  • New water material variants, including a toxic version

To-Do List

  • Bug-fixing
  • UI improvements to make pipe navigation more clear (highlight relevant objects, etc.)
  • Level design, gameplay, and background art for garden and underwater levels
  • Coding improvements for underwater navigation